Custom regulations in Uzbekistan

In case you bring less than USD 2000 into Uzbekistan (or the equivalent amount in another currency), you do not need to fill out any customs declaration forms to enter the country.

If you bring more than USD 2000 in cash, you will be required to complete a customs declaration (in duplicate) when you enter the country. One declaration form will be taken from you by the customs officer; the second copy must be kept until the end of your trip to Uzbekistan. When you leave the country, you must complete a new updated customs declaration (one copy only). At the customs control desk, you must present both documents: the original customs declaration (which you have kept throughout your stay in Uzbekistan) alongside the updated customs declaration (which has just been filled out as you are leaving).

Registration on arrival in Uzbekistan

Once you arrive in the country, you are required to register within three days.  If you are staying in a hotel, you do not have to worry about anything; the hotel will take care of the registration.

However, if you stay with friends, acquaintances or relatives, you will have to take care of the registration yourself. You can do this online at .

After entering all the details on this website, you will have to pay a daily tourist tax for the duration of your stay (a relatively small amount). However, the payment can only be made with an Uzbek debit card called UZCARD or HUMO. International cards are not accepted. Therefore, you will usually need the help of your hosts to make the payment.

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