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We can help you to book a hotel in the cities of Central Asia of your choice. Please, let us know your preferences, we will find the best option for you.

In recent years many new hotels have been built in Central Asia. However, luxury 5-star hotels are available mainly in the capitals. In other Central Asian cities, you will find many three-star hotels. However, it is necessary to note that these three-star hotels do not always meet the standards of three-star hotels in Europe. Nevertheless, the hotels are usually clean, in good condition, and functionally furnished.

There are also many hostels and guest houses in each city. They are often run by a family who converted 3-4 rooms into guest rooms. The rooms are usually small and the furnishing is basic, but these hostels are very inexpensive and aimed primarily at travelers with a small budget. Accommodation in a guest house also allows communicating with locals.

Hotels in Central Asia always include breakfast, whether you stay in a five-star hotel or a simple hostel. 

In large cities with decentralized development, hotels are scattered throughout the city. The best hotels are usually located near tourist attractions. However, when visiting these cities, we usually recommend booking a car with a driver. This also gives you more flexibility in choosing a hotel.

The historic town centers of other cities are concentrated in a certain area. Therefore, the most popular hotels are also located near the old town. Due to the dense urban area in the center of these cities, boutique hotels have appeared in recent years: they usually consist of a small number of rooms built around a courtyard. These hotels tend to be traditional in style, with painted walls, engraved doors, and wooden ceilings. Some historical buildings, like madrasahs, were converted into hotels, giving the traveler a sense of former life in Central Asia. Guests stay overnight in former student dormitories, so the rooms are very small but have a special atmosphere.

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