According to official figures, 8 people died and about 150 were injured. However, the earthquake destroyed more than 236 administrative buildings, around 700 trade and catering facilities, 26 municipal companies, 181 educational institutions, 36 cultural and household facilities, 185 medical and 245 industrial buildings. More than 300,000 people became homeless.

Shortly after the earthquake, the former head of state of the Soviet Union, Leonid Brezhnev, visited the city. He promised immediate help and had a plan for reconstruction developed. The executives benefited from the fact that there was already a plan to completely rebuild the city, which could be used as a basis.

Monument of Courage Tashkent
Monument of Courage in Tashkent

Within only 3.5 years, Tashkent was completely reconstructed. In total, about 1 million square meters of housing, schools, social, cultural and administrative facilities were built during this time. Many engineers and builders came from different parts of the Soviet Union to reconstruct Tashkent. After the completion of the works, many of them decided to stay in Tashkent and became locals together with their descendants. As a result, Tashkent developed into a multinational city with many different ethnic groups.

Due to the new buildings, the city almost doubled in size in the course of reconstruction. Roads were planned with foresight and laid out generously, which means that even today traffic runs relatively smoothly during rush hour. Many trees were also planted, making Tashkent a green city.

monument of courage

In the epicenter of the earthquake, the Monument of Courage was erected. In the foreground is a black cube divided into two halves. On one side of the cube is the date and on the other the time of the earthquake. The monument also depicts a family; a woman with a child and a man, who are resisting the disaster. Behind the monument, there is a stele, which represents the help to Tashkent from all the republics of the former Soviet Union.

Architectural Monuments in Tashkent


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